Sunday, January 14, 2007

Don't you dare die on us, Ely!

Writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a proud Thomasian appeals to Ely Buendia: Don't you dare die on us, Ely!

Don't you dare die on us, Ely Buendia

Whatever you do, Mr. Ely Buendia, don’t die on us.

You are a music icon who is as rare as they come. You are a vacant cab with an accommodating driver during the holidays. You are a cop who’s actually out to protect the citizenry. You are an honest politician. You are a film fest movie deserving of an award. You are a critically-acclaimed Cueshe hit.

I am a loyal Thomasian; you are the only reason I regret not having studied at the University of the Philippines.

If you go, what does that leave us with? A handful of artistic bands under the radar and Orange and Lemons. We scrounge the city for bars where one plays, and puke when the other’s songs go on air.

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