Thursday, January 11, 2007

Defending press freedom and democracy

In reaction to the counterclaim filed by presidential spouse Jose Miguel Arroyo last January 9 against the class suit lodged by journalists against him last month, the journalists involved in the lawsuit came out with a statement today.

Journalists insist press freedom is the issue; shrug off FG's motion to dismiss class suit
Source: Freedom Watch

“Our suit is meant to defend press freedom and democracy. Mr. Arroyo’s motion to dismiss is focused on technicalities and based on a wrong interpretation of the rules."

THE JOURNALISTS suing First Gentleman Mike Arroyo for abuse of right and for violating their right to the free exercise of their profession shrugged off Mr. Arroyo's Motion to Dismiss their complaint, and maintained that their suit is meant to defend press freedom and democracy against Mr. Arroyo’s efforts to undermine both.

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