Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rotten tomatoes in the press during elections

Three Wednesdays ago, an old radio colleague called me in the office. The conversation went like this:

Radioman: Hi, Bryant. Musta na? (How are you?)

Bryanton Post:
Hi, ________. Musta na? Okay lang naman. Napatawag ka? (How are you? I'm fine. What's up?)

Radioman: Tanong ko lang... kasi ganito. May kaibigan akong tatakbo ng mayor sa lugar nila. Naghahanap ng susulat para sa kanya. Ah... (at this point, I am sensing his purpose for calling me -- Bryanton Post) tanong ko lang kung gusto mo. Sideline lang naman eh. (Oh... I just want to ask.... it's like this. I have a friend who's running for mayor in their place. He's looking for someone to write for him. Ah... just want to ask if you want. It's just a sideline, anyway)

Bryanton Post: Ah... hindi ko... linya 'yan eh. At saka bawal sa amin. (Oh... I don't... do that. And we're prohibited to to that)

Radioman: Ah, ganoon ba? Bawal pala sa inyo? Okay, o sige, salamat na lang. Kain tayo minsan ha? (Oh, is that so? It's prohibited in your office? Okay, anyway, thanks. Let's dine out sometime okay?)

Bryanton Post: Ah... sure. Sige, salamat. (Sure, thanks)

I actually wanted to say to him -- You're asking.... me? You're asking someone whom you know works for a media organization advocating media freedom and RESPONSIBILITY? An organization you know that promotes ETHICAL practice in the press? Sure, let's dine out sometime. Probably in the next decade.

Hmm, I wonder. With elections just four months away, how many journalists are again on the payroll of candidates? How many journalists are again moonlighting for the people desperate to win posts in the upcoming elections? Will we ever know these rotten tomatoes of the profession come election time, when media corruption seems to be at its highest level?


Francis said...

Bossing... I hope you don't mind me linking you.

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no problem. will add you in my links as well.

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