Friday, January 12, 2007

Wanted: New talents for TV news and public affairs

Nestor Torre of the Philippine Daily Inquirer wrote in his Jan. 10 column:

New TV public affairs and news talents needed

IF we had our druthers, our TV networks’ wish list for 2007 should include a renewed search for new TV news and public affairs on-camera personnel.

Truth to tell, quite a number of their current talents are long in the tooth. Worse, some of them are taking their work for granted and appear to just be coasting along, more concerned about how they look than what they’re thinking and saying.

Worst of all, some news and public affairs talents have had their objectivity compromised by playing footsies with politicians and other power brokers, so viewers in the know no longer give the shows they host much credence.

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Mr. Torre also reported about a recent study made by AGB Nielsen Media Research Philippines
which showed that families in the Luzon region watch TV for 7.5 hours per day, Mindanao homes watch for 7.3 hours daily and Visayas households view TV for around 6.7 hours per day.


luthien said...

actually madami sa kanila di marunong magtanong ng "tanong". me nakakasabay ako na ganyan. tsaka makikita mo naman sa reportage nila kung ano lang ang bagay na they bothered to ask. tsk tsk. sobrang babaw, no additional insight.

bryant said...

@ luthien,

ako rin na-experience ko rin yan when I do fieldwork for media-related stories. they really do improve on their reporting skills, especially now that TV has become the primary medium of Filipinos for news and information.

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