Thursday, December 21, 2006

You want worldwide prestige plus a whopping amount of 50,000 euros? Read here

From Freedom Watch:

Are you a journalist who has written about issues involving human rights, democracy, and development over the past year or so?

The Lorenzo Natali Prize 2006, a prize excellence in reporting on human rights, democracy and development issues, is now open. Created in 1992 by the European Union for "to promote quality in journalism and to commemorate the devotion of Lorenzo Natali, the former Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of development cooperation between 1985 and 1989."

The Lorenzo Natali Prize 2006 is open to print and on-line journalists employed by the local media in following five regions:
- Europe
- Africa
- Arab World –Iran –Israel
- Asia and Pacific
- Latin America and Caribbean.

Eligible journalists should have written reports which focus on human rights or democracy in the developing world.

Read here for more.

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