Wednesday, December 06, 2006

UP, 299th

I know this is quite old (I first got the news here), but I was reminded of this item again when I went to my alma mater earlier today for some work-related business.

According to the a 2006 list of, out of the top 520 universities surveyed around the world, the University of the Philippines ranks 299th. UP is tied with three other schools as the top 299th university in the whole world.

UP is no. 1 in the Philippines, followed by:

nd - De La Salle University
th - Ateneo de Manila University
th - University of Santo Tomas

The top 20 universities in the world according to the list are:

1 Harvard University United States
2 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
3 University of Oxford United Kingdom
4= Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
4= Yale University United States
6 Stanford University United States
7 California Institute of Technology United States
8 University of California, Berkeley United States
9 Imperial College London United Kingdom
10 Princeton University United States
11 University of Chicago United States
12 Columbia University United States
13 Duke University United States
14 Peking University China
15 Cornell University United States
16 Australian National University Australia
17 London School of Economics and Political... United Kingdom
18 Ecole Normale Supérieure France
19= University of Tokyo Japan
19= National University of Singapore Singapore
21 McGill University Canada

This makes Peking University the top university in Asia.

In the site's 2005 list, UP, along with four other schools, only ranked 372nd out of the 500 universities surveyed.

The ranking of the universities have been analyzed based on the following criteria:

- Research quality
- Graduate employability
- International outlook
- Teaching quality

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