Thursday, December 21, 2006

This time, Agustin douses himself with water

What was Vic Agustin thinking?

Just like what Caloy Conde had written in his blog, Agustin decided to douse himself with water in front of the camera while he was a guest at Che-che Lazaro ANC show's "Media in Focus" earlier aired this afternoon. Ms. Lazaro's other guest was none other than activist Renato Constantino Jr. Unless you're living in Mars or under a rock, you know that Mr. Agustin threw water at Mr. Constantino during a press conference of House Speaker Jose De Venecia on Charter change at the Dusit Hotel in Makati City.

"Agustin told Cheche Lazaro that he had offered Constantino, who was also at the studio, the chance to douse him with water in retaliation for what the columnist did days ago," Sir Caloy wrote in his post. "But Constantino refused, Agustin said. So Agustin decided to do the act on himself, in front of Lazaro and in front of the camera."

I was not able to watch Ms. Lazaro's show earlier, but the second water-dousing incident was replayed in ABS-CBN's early night time newscast, "TV Patrol World."

"The (Philippine Daily) Inquirer publisher should extend the suspension (of Mr. Agustin) for another month," Sir Caloy wrote. "Better still, forever. Agustin has officially become nuts, an embarrassment to the Inquirer."

Maybe Mr. Agustin has also watched too much sappy Filipino melodramas where the contravidas always douse the poor and humble leading actress with water and what-have-yous.


luthien said...

grabe na ito talaga. wonder what's going on his mind...sabi nga nung colleague ko taga-PDI nung nagroundtable discussion ang Hyatt 10 sa PDI dati, kakaiba si vic agustin nun, parang sasabog na ewan at inaaway yung hyatt 10. very unbecoming daw.

yui said...

i believe it's Red Constantino, not RC Agustin. Ü

bryant said...

@ yui

oh gawd, thanks. what was i thinking? :) i stand corrected.

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