Friday, December 22, 2006

Human rights vs culture of impunity in Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) announces the opening of applications for the 2007 SEAPA Journalism Fellowship Program. The Fellowship theme for 2007 is, "Human Rights Versus a Culture of Impunity in Southeast Asia."

"All throughout the rest of Southeast Asia.... each nation finds that confronting rights abuses with justice, and fighting a culture of impunity itself, is vital to true human and national development," SEAPA wrote in an announcement for the opening of the fellowship. "Whether its theme reminds about the massacre of East Timorese under Indonesian rule, the disappearance of human rights workers in Thailand, the arrest and killing of student activists in Burma, or the unabated killing of journalists in the Philippines, the 2007 Journalism Fellowship Program will as always be a rich venue for reflective journalism and discussions. It will highlight the virtues of journalism's freedom to shed light, support justice, and establish truth as a fundamental foundation for any society seeking stability and progress."

See the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility blog or go to SEAPA's site for more details.


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