Saturday, December 09, 2006

Who says Saturdays are boring?

Near fisticuffs mars Speaker’s presscon on con-con

A press conference called by Speaker Jose de Venecia to announce the House’ shift from a constituent assembly to a constitutional convention to amend the Charter was almost marred by fisticuffs between an administration critic and a newspaper columnist.

Only the quick intervention of security personnel prevented Renato Constantino Jr. and (Philippine Daily) Inquirer business columnist Victor Agustin from getting at each other.

Click here for more. Victor Agustin, in case you do not know, writes the controversial column "Cocktales in the City" for the Inquirer.

By the way, is this merely a typographical error in a headline of the story?

This is the homepage as of December 9, 2006, 6:10 pm:

Clicking on the Black and White Movement story will go to this. Notice anything funny in the headline?

As of 6:13 pm, I checked again the page and it's finally corrected here.


amee said...

Thanks for pointing out PDI's "error." I think subconsciously people think that whatever's happening is shit, hence the typo.

little light said...

what was agustin thinking? why did he do that? parang hindi sya naiiba sa mga pulitiko nating parang bata kung mag-away.

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