Monday, December 04, 2006

Dream, Believe, Survive?

The November 2006 issue of the PJR Reports is already out. You can check out the stories available in the issue online. I would strongly suggest, however, that it might be better to buy a copy (P80) because the online edition, unlike the printed copy, does not carry the tables and infographics of the main story that can help you understand it better.

The November issue focuses on a problem basic to newspapers, whether they are a tabloid or broadsheet: surviving in this century and beyond.

Main Story

Things are not all as they seem
The Tale of the Tabloids
Hector Bryant L. Macale

Newspapers, big and small, learn the same lessons
Life Isn't Easy
Hector Bryant L. Macale

Other Stories

Media in the Philippines and Thailand
States of Emergency and the Press
Roby Alampay

Two broadsheets are bron amid Cha-cha debate
Going for the Positive Spin
Don Gil K. Carreon

Readers are vanishing, publishers are worrying
Will There Be Newspapers Tomorrow?
Chit Estella

Ranking drops because of harassment, killings
RP Still One of the Worst Press Freedom Violators
Reporters Without Borders

Must-have books for journalists
Read, Read, Read!
Jose Bimbo F. Santos

Working for Online News
Maila Ager


luthien said...

question lang, san mabibili yung books mentioned in the article Read, read, read?

btw, this paragraph in your article is sooo true.

'Still, Maglabe says low pay doesn’t justify corruption. “Alam naman natin na maliit ang kita. Bakit ka pa nag-media? Eh di tiiisin mo kung magkano makukuha mo. Gusto mo, eh.”'

this is what i call stupid passion and i don't know how long this stupid passion can carry me. i can always shift careers and have a comfortable life but i know i'll kill myself with boredom. eh di tiisin, ginusto ko to eh. agggh.

bryant said...

@ luthien

I'm not sure about Fallaci. Luma na kasi iyon. Pero I tell you, it's a must talaga. Meron sa CMC libe. Meron rin dito sa amin sa office. Hehe.

The Newswriting Formula I think is going to be reprinted soon. Kasi what we have is an old copy of the book.

You might try and look in specialty bookstores (especially those that have many books on journalism and media like Bound and Datelines) for these books. Pag may nakita ka na kopya, bilhin mo na, wala nang tanungan pa. itago mo na at ilagay sa baul. baka may makanakaw pa niyan. hehe.

Media in Court - Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility

Staying Alive and Uncovering the Beat - Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

Strunk and White - National Bookstore

Thanks for reading my article. Sigh. We, the penniless journalists.

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