Monday, August 07, 2006

Should journalists divulge their sources?

Should journalists cave into pressures coming from the government, among others, in disclosing their sources of information? Guardian Unlimited filed this AP report. Joshua Wolf's case reminds me of the case involving Judith Miller, formerly connected with The New York Times. Josh Wolf's picture can be seen below (taken from his blog). Miller's photo, at right, is taken from Wikipedia.

Journalists Decry Pressure Over Sources

Journalism groups on Saturday decried the jailing of a video journalist and other recent court rulings pressuring media workers to divulge information to the government.

The news media becomes an information-gathering arm of law enforcement when journalists are ordered to give up confidential sources or unpublished material, said Tony Overman, president of the National Press Photographers Association.

``When news sources believe that statements or actions observed or reported by journalists find their way into the hands of police or prosecutors, those sources will be less willing - or flat-out afraid - to cooperate with the media,'' Overman said at a news conference.

The photographers association and the Society of Professional Journalists announced they would help pay for the legal defense of freelance video journalist Joshua Wolf.

A federal judge in San Francisco ordered Wolf jailed this week for refusing to hand over unaired video shot during a July 2005 protest in which a police car was vandalized and an officer injured.

The journalists Saturday said recent court actions have violated First Amendment rights and eroded the news media's ability to serve as a public-interest watchdog.

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luthien said...

no! i hope i wouldn't be pressured into revealing my sources. i'm going to tackle a sensitive issue in my next assignment and mejo malakilaki babanggain ko. i'll depend on a lot of sources who asked not to be named. i just don't know what i will do if i face that predicament.

bryant said...

naku. good luck. lam mo naman, mahirap magrely ang story largely sa unknown sources.

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