Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Media more accountable now because of bloggers?

Here's an analysis of how media have been more accountable now as blogs closely scrutinize their actions. This analysis takes after what happened to infamous photographer Adnan Hajj, found to be guilty of digitally manipulating one of his photos. Later investigation seems to show that Hajj did not just manipulated one of his photos.

Media is more accountable thanks to bloggers, says Reuters editor

Bloggers have exposed 'many of the more egregious breaches of journalistic ethics', Reuters' global news editor has claimed.

Paul Holmes, political and general news editor at Reuters, made the acknowledgement in the wake of the faked photographs scandal that has rocked the agency.

The blogging community exposed Beirut-based freelance photographer Adnan Hajj after he supplied Reuters with what it believed were two digitally manipulated photographs of war-torn Southern Lebanon.

As a result Reuters severed all ties with Hajj, who said he was only trying to alter dust specks on one picture and denied manipulating the other - and removed his 920 images from its photographic library.

"I welcome, and Reuters welcomes, the scrutiny we come under from bloggers," Mr Holmes told BBC Newsnight.

"We will consider criticism from any source and we will take it seriously.

"I think it has to be said, as well, because of the blogging community, many of the more egregious breaches of journalistic ethics have been exposed.

"It makes the media much more accountable and much more transparent."

Doubts about the authenticity of Mr Hajj's work first came to light over a photograph that showed bomb damage in a Beirut suburb on Saturday.

For more about the report, read here.

Editorial cartoon from Cox and Forkum.

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