Thursday, August 10, 2006

The controversial PJR Reports issue

Finally, the July 2006 issue of the PJR Reports is online. Check out the site of the Center for Media Freedom Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) for the issue's contents, which contains the "Life on the Beat" special written by our former interns last summer. That special, I should say, got a lot of reaction from the reporters themselves.

Our apologies for not uploading the July issue earlier. You see, we are currently trying to improve the site to make it more reader-friendly and interesting for the readers. Freedom Watch, CMFR's blog, is also undergoing some changes as well -- not much on the lay-out side, but more on its content -- so that it becomes more dynamic and relevant to the concerns of the press. As I've said in my previous post, the blog "will now focus more on analytical pieces about the issues affecting Philippine media in general, including attacks against and threats to press freedom in the country." CMFR's reports on press freedom violations, which were previously posted in the blog, can now be found in the the "Alerts" section at the CMFR website.

Another thing I need to explain is that some of the stories in the issue are not posted online. The regular sections, including the "Monitor" section, are available although they are shorter versions of the print copy. What does it mean? It means you have to contact us to buy the print version. Haha. (Although I'm quite serious about it. Mura lang naman. P80 lang po. Hehe.)

The stories in the July issue that are available online are:

When a news source makes a charge, what's a reporter to do?

Dealing with an Accusation
by Hector Bryant L. Macale

A Bulletin reporter wonders about the reason for his transfer
Losing a Beat
by Venus L. Elumbre

What journalism students saw
Life on the Beat
by Rosario Joy E. Flores, Jam Marie Y. Razal, Junette B. Galagala, Mark D. MerueƱas, Annemylin B. Perez, and Hanna Mahalet C. Antolin

Of course, online readers can also read the regular sections:

Editor's Note
PJR Reports editor Chit Estella talks about the contents of the issue.

Speaking of Media
Who said what about the media (For more of the "Speaking of Media " section, check out the print edition of the issue)


Biased report? Media booboos? Laudable press coverage? Known as the "heart" of the PJR Reports, the section looks at how media cover issues. (For more of the "Monitor" section, check out the print edition of the issue)

Alerts researched and written by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) on threats to and attacks against press freedom in the country

(Reports under the "International Crisis" section are available in the print edition of the issue)

Media events and trends, scholarships, programs, conferences, and what-have-yous


PJR Reports pays last respects to colleagues who had recently passed away.

So there.


luthien said...

haha. kala ko ako lang ma-react. nyehehe. pero totoo naman talagang nangyayari yun eh, though di ko lam na ganung extent. alala ko tuloy yung chika na me nangpepressure daw na magbigay ng lechon...

bryant said...

@ luthien

naku, daming reporter nag-react dito. hehe. lalo na nung unang dumating ito sa mga beats, di matapos tapos ang mga tawag sa ofis. well, what can i say. hehe. ayoko na atang magcomment pa. hehe.

luthien said...

hindi na kayo makakapaglagay ng intern tuloy nan sa mga beats. hek hek

bryant said...

@ luthien

hehe. maglalagay na lang kami ng mga secret agent. hehe.

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