Monday, August 07, 2006

Journalists asked to attend the prelim conference of the Roger Mariano murder case tomorrow, Aug. 8

Tomorrow, August 8, the preliminary conference for the trial of Roger Mariano murder case will be held at the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 54, Manila City. The Freedom Fund for Filipino Journalists, of which the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) is a founding member and serves as its secretariat, requests journalists to cover the conference.

According to background information provided by CMFR, Roger Mariano was hard-hitting radio journalist based in Laoag, Ilocos Norte who was killed on his way home along a desolate national highway after coming from his radio program “Roger Mariano in Action” aired over dzJC Laoag. He was peppered with 16 bullets (9 in the back and 7 in the head) which killed him instantly on July 31, 2004.

For more information about Mariano, as well as subsequent CMFR reports on press freedom violations (or "alerts"), can now be found at the "Alerts" section of the CMFR website ( The CMFR blog Freedom Watch will now focus more on the analytical pieces about the issues affecting Philippine media in general, including attacks against and threats to press freedom in the country.

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