Friday, August 25, 2006

15 most influential sites in the world

Here are the 15 most influential websites in the world, according to John Naughton of the UK-based The Observer.

"To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the web we've assembled a list of sites that have become the virtual wallpaper of our lives," Naughton wrote. "What the corresponding list will be like in 15 years' time is anyone's guess. As the man said, if you want to know the future, go buy a crystal ball. In the meantime, read on and wonder."

Hmm. I wonder what's the 15 most influential websites in the Philippines. Or is the cyberspace here in the country so young for us to come out with similar findings?

15 most influential websites in the world


Read here why.


Anonymous said...

Hi bryant,

i am not so sure if i'd be making enough sense with this stuff but let me tell you a story anyway.

sometime last week (last thursday, i think), i was listening to ted and korina on dzmm between 8:45 and 9:15.

they were talking about the junked impeachment complaint. ted said something like, "so kayong mga boboto sa susunod na taon, huwag ninyong suportahan ang mga kongresistang nagbasura sa impeachment kung ang nilalaman ng mga kahong hawak ng oposisyon ay totoo sa inyong palagay." i was never a GMA fan and i didn't vote for her but i was tempted to react and pretend to be one. So i sent a message to their text line.
"Mr. Teodoro Etong, kung ikaw ay anti-Arroyo at galit sa gobyeno, huwag mo nang pangunahan kaming mga botante." Then i turned off my radio 'coz i had to eat. Normally, commentators wouldn't react or make patol to such messages sent anonymously so i was surprised when five minutes after sending the message to DZMM, my cellphone received several messages and several calls that compelled me to turn it off. What did the messages say, "Nanggaling po kay tito ted failon ang number ninyo, itxt daw po kayo." NAKAKAIRITA talaga. I felt harassed. I didnt expect na ganon yung gagawin ng isang seryosong commentator katulad ni ted failon. Until this morning i still am receiving txt messages and people miss call me. iisa ang sinasabi nila whenever i ask who they are, "ibinigay po ni kuya ted ang number ninyo. itext daw po kayo dahil mabait kayo." Some messages were praising ted and korina. Now, di ko sure if it was really ted who announced my number on air but one thing is sure, sa dzmm nila kinuha yong number ko. I would like to think that i'm not the only one who experienced the same thing. Nakakatawa pero nakakainis rin. Considering ted's stature, para siyang bata. And to think na ginagawa ito ng isang respetadong himpilan ng radyo, nakakawalang-ganang makinig. Ang babaw nila.

Thanks for reading anyway.

More power.

The Professional Heckler

bryant said...

The Professional Heckler,

I feel sorry for you. If someone from their show had indeed disclosed your number on air, what are his/her motives from doing that? Or was the motive exactly that, that is, to bug you through your phone?

PJR Reports has been planning to do a story -- and hopefully a sustained media monitoring -- on the radio stations. The quality of radio broadcasting in the country remains a big issue even for those in the press community itself.

Let's pray we could do radio monitoring as well (and not just newspapers, TV, and the cyberspace), hoping that somehow, radio practitioners, including their possible abuses, can be monitored.


Loi_Pogi said...

I was a “radio person” first before I got glued to television screen. My father’s habit of listening to AM radio influenced me a lot.

If you’ll just monitor AM radio, you’ll be both amazed and appalled at how this medium is used and abused by the broadcasters, veterans and newbies alike.

Newscasts? Political affiliation of the Lopezes is reflected in DZMM’s (ABS-CBN) news items. Very glaring ang slant sa use of words at treatment. DZBB’s (GMA 7s) is not well-written and very much like DZMM’s. Personally, I like the newscasts on DZRH. The items are more objectively-written and original. Sa radyo kasi, halos kopyahan lang sa items na ibabalita.

Sana nga matuloy ang monitoring n’yo.

More power!

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