Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mark's banana

If his senator-slash-actor father had an impressive quote, who would stop Pampanga Governor Mark Lapid from having his own classic line?

From his classic 2006 film Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar (This film deserves an Oscar, I tell you), Mark delivers this winning quote:

"Oo, inaamin ko. Sila ay mga yakal, lawaan, apitong at narra. At kami ay saging lang. Pero maghanap kayo ng puno sa buong Pilipinas, saging lang ang may puso... Saging lang ang may puso! Saging lang!"

KabayanCentral, a shopping site for anything Filipino, has this synopsis of the film:

Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar

"Daniel Giron (Mark Lapid) is an honest cop from the city who returns home to the province to aid his father in the latter's fight against illegal logging. But they find themselves up against the evil Don Valderos (Dick Israel), one of the most notorious illegal logger in town, who also happens to be the father of Catherine (Christine Reyes), a woman he once fell in love with. Together with his mother Mercedes (Elizabeth Oropesa) and his friends led by Ogoy-ogoy (Amay Bisaya), Daniel continues the fight his father started. How far will Daniel go to fight for what is right? And how far will he go to fight for the woman he loves?"

Nice plot, no? "How far will Daniel go to fight for what is right? And how far will he go to fight for the woman he loves?" Even the film's synopsis is a winner.

Whoever the film's scriptwriter and director are, I salute you guys. I think the rest of the movie industry should learn a lesson or two from this wonderful, wonderful film, especially if the industry wants to relive its old golden days.


aileen said...

natawa nga din ako sa quote na yan eh. for once, may witty line sya. :P

natanggap ko na pala ang PJR. ganda ng layout nyo ah. sino layout artist nyo?

bryant said...

@ aileen

hehe. panalo quote niya no? kala ko tatay lang niya may winning quote, siya rin pala.

thanks sa comment mo on the PJR Reports issue. Our layout artist is Arnel Rival, the former layout director of The Manila Times and the Pinoy Times. :)

aileen said...

teka, ngayon ko lang napansin ang statement. sabi mo 1,200/ year. 1k lang nakalagay don :P

bryant said...

@ aileen

ah ganon ba? hehe. sori. kung ano ung ibinigay sa iyo po. :)

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