Saturday, November 18, 2006

Welcome back, PinoyPress!

PinoyPress, that useful and educational blog created by journalist Carlos Conde that tackle issues affecting the media, is back online.

"Some months ago, I decided to discontinue PinoyPress, mainly because it was taking too much of my time," Mr. Conde writes in his blog on the new PinoyPress. "But I realized I just couldn’t let go of it. So it’s back. I am back."

The new site has been improved with new and exciting features including a shoutbox and an easy survey system. But what's more appealing with the new site is that it allows you to "read headlines on the Philippine press, media and journalism in a single page." Readers, according to Mr. Conde, "can do the same for journalism issues, trends and events around the world."

The new PinoyPress also keeps track of what Filipino journalists are blogging about in just a single page. Now, isn't that nice.

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