Wednesday, November 15, 2006

CMFR updates stand on press freedom assault; other groups support statement

This just in from Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility's Freedom Watch:

"The Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) comes out today with an updated version of its statement the previous day calling for a stop to the assault of the present Arroyo regime on press freedom in the country. CMFR's statement is supported by other organizations, names of which are listed after the statement," the Freedom Watch said in its latest post.

In its statement today, CMFR pointed out what it had said the previous day: "CMFR reiterates its call for the decriminalization of libel and the imposition of reasonable limits on the amount of damages that may be awarded. Only then can the libel law cease to be a weapon that at any time can be used to intimidate journalists, erode press freedom, and constrict democracy."

"But CMFR cannot overemphasize the urgency of the present situation, and urges all groups that value press freedom and democracy not only to make their voices heard in vigorous protest, but also to alert their international networks to the urgent need to restrain the authoritarian impulse driving the Arroyo regime campaign against the Philippine press," it said.

Read more about the updated statement and the names of the supporting organizations here.

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