Friday, September 08, 2006

And now, some wise words from Lito Lapid

If the wonderful nugget of wisdom below indeed came from him, then all's well for the Philippines as long as administration senator Lito Lapid (rumored to be running for mayor in Makati) is there.

"Dare what it takes to be. Then we shall so because it is. To do or not, now or what else to be without."

Wise words!


little light said...

wag naman sana. yoko na ng artista. :(

bryant said...

@ little light

haha. ako nga kinukuha ng starstruck. kaso nung narinig ko na ito, ayaw ko ng mag-artista lalo.


arci said...

huwaaaattt the....?!?!?!?!


Pao said...

did he really utter these words? oh no...tsk tsk. i just saw war of the worlds. and i actually thought men should still be more powerful than those foreign entities. but after learning this case of lito lapid, hahaha, i caould be wrong already. hahaha. =p

luthien said...

*luthien rolls on the floor laughing*

another reason to thank my boss that he didn't put me in political/showbiz reporting.

*luthien wipes tears of laughter and snot off her nose*

bryant said...

@ arci

hehe. ako rin nahilo don.

@ pao

come to think of it: baka naman ang alien si lito lapid? nyahahaha.

@ luthien

haha. thank god!

Nikka said...

that's hilarious! did he really say this?

bryant said...

@ nikka

hilaarious, isn't it? got this quote from a friend. i do hope it's not true. if it is -- oh god, please save this country.

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