Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TV rules (at least for the moment)

From Mike Abundo of Pinoy Tech blog:

Steve Rubel notes that in the same week YouTube hits 100 million streams per day, the US TV networks suffer the lowest weekly ratings ever.

Don’t think the Philippines won’t follow. YouTube is huge in the Philippines.

The big media companies shouldn’t worry that people will post their copyrighted material on YouTube. They should worry that people will post their own stuff on YouTube, and audiences will watch that instead.Paul Graham.

It’s not about artificial content scarcity anymore. It’s about natural attention scarcity.

Personally, I don't think this will happen in the Philippines THAT soon. Why? Because Internet users in the country remain low in general. It is only in the country's big metropolitan areas like Manila do we see relatively high levels of Internet activity. Maybe in a few years the Internet level in the country will change but not now, not that soon.

TV is still Filipinos' preferred medium when it comes to news and entertainment. It will still be in a few years. Now, if it only could stop bombarding us with its inane shows.
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