Friday, July 07, 2006

2006 Freda Utley Prize now open

Here's a media release from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Philippine-based think tanks are encouraged to join.

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation has established the Freda Utley Prize for Advancing Liberty to reward the efforts of think tanks in difficult parts of the world that are most effective in disseminating the ideas of freedom (limited government, the rule of law, free enterprise, the dignity of the individual, etc.).

This annual Prize will provide a $10,000 reward to a single winner that demonstrates excellence in reaching a broad audience or having a substantial impact on opinion-makers, so that concepts relating to freedom become better understood. For example, good candidates for the Utley Prize could be an institute that documents how its radio program reaches 100,000 listeners each weekday with discussions of economic liberty, or an institute that educates 50 college students each year through a certificate program, and has seen a dozen students from past years graduate into high government positions.

Who Can Apply: Atlas specifically solicits applications from organizations in countries where the ideas of liberty are not clearly understood or applied (i.e., countries which the various economic
freedom indices term as "unfree"). Preference is given to organizations that are headquartered in such countries. However, organizations that are based in freer parts of the world, but developing and contributing to the creation of organizations in the target countries (i.e. serving
as a catalyst), are also eligible to apply.

How to Apply: You can submit your application online at , which consists of a simple (one page) nomination essay that explains why the applying institute merits recognition for excellence in advance liberty in a difficult part of the world. Please note that the Prize will not be given to new or proposed projects that do not have an existing track record. Please submit an application about a specific project that has been completed, or a demonstrated body of ongoing work.

Supporting documentation which illustrates the impact of the project, as well as the submission of local references, is an important part of the application process. Examples include media coverage, reviews of the project, testimonies from people who have been directly impacted, etc.

Applications must be submitted in English. The required supporting documentation, however, does not have to be in English. We anticipate that some of the strongest applications will concern programs conducted in other languages. Applications must be received by August 31, 2006.

Selection Criteria & Announcement Schedule: The winning institute will be selected by a panel of independent judges, based upon their demonstration of excellent achievement in reaching and persuading new audiences of the merits of the ideas of freedom and on the impact of
this process.

The winner will be announced at our annual Freedom Dinner in November 2006.

Please note that institutes that have won one of Atlas's Templeton Freedom Prizes are eligible for the Utley Prize, but cannot nominate the same project for the Freda Utley Prize.

The Freda Utley Foundation decided to establish this program at Atlas because of its experience, capabilities, resources, and reputation.

"We see Atlas as an ideal partner in continuing her legacy, because it has the infrastructure, experience, and focus to use funds effectively to promote liberty, especially in the world's poorer nations. Atlas's core beliefs are very much in tune with Freda Utley's: namely, concern for human poverty and misery, and the belief that peoples of all nations have similar aspirations and can learn the universal lessons of freedom and prosperity. Freda Utley would have found the Atlas team very, very much to her liking and affinity, not just in its beliefs, but in its
common sense and activism."

For more information about the Freda Utley Prize for Advancing Liberty, please visit or contact Ms. YiQiao Xu at

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