Monday, July 17, 2006

Strict censorship compels Burmese mag to scrap latest issue

Press alert from the Southeast Asian Press Alliance:

Burma’s new monthly magazine, New Spectator, has been forced to cancel its July issue after heavy censorship stripped it of four lead articles. New Spectator Publisher Ko Aung told that the four articles rejected by the Press Scrutiny and Registration Division included a cover story titled ‘Prospects for our People’ written by Whan Chukee and an article titled ‘Public Intellectual’ which was taken from another magazine titled, Prospect.

‘We cannot release our third issue, as the pages of the magazine have been reduced. It is not good anymore. We will have to release it next month,’ reported on 13 July.

The magazine, which is dedicated to philosophical and ideological articles, has only been in publication since May 2006. It has a print run of 1,000 copies.

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Loi said...

i'm ok na. may konting ubo na lang.

it's that time of the year... sigh.


bryant said...

@ loi

buti naman. ako, busy week. kaya hindi pwedeng umabsent. sigh.

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