Monday, July 03, 2006

Major Oops!: Paper runs "Dummies" head in Special Olympics Section

Initially got this amusing anecdote from Poynter Online. It pointed me to a site that contained a more detailed report about this major booboo of a school paper in the United States. Funny!

ISU to remove papers with 'Dummies' headline

The campus newspaper for Iowa State University students is removing a special section printed in advance of the Special Olympics that contained the words, "Ames for Dummies," on an events listings page.

Mark Witherspoon, editorial advisor to the Iowa State Daily, said 1,500 special sections about the Special Olympics will be reprinted with a new headline.

He also said Iowa State Daily Thursday editions that are on campus this afternoon with the headline "Ames for Dummies", will be pulled.

The Special Olympics in Ames will be the first national event for the
competition that features people with intellectual disabilities. Organizers have said a major goal of the event is to dispel stereotypes and improve treatment for people with intellectual disabilities.

Iowa State Daily Editor in Chief Chris Sigmund said the headline, published Thursday, was "something that slipped by. It was a reference to the popular book series and in no way meant to demean anybody.

Read the report.

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