Sunday, September 02, 2007

Why I love my job

Actually my original title for this post was "Why I Love Joe Torres." Haha.

Excerpts from his post:

"At last I got my copy of CMFR's latest study, "News Media Coverage of the 2007 National Elections...."

"You would be happy to know that there's a temporary stoppage (at least five minutes) of work every time we in the newsroom receive a copy of CMFR publications, especially the PJR Reports.

"There is always a moment of silence, then ohhhs and ahhhhs, when editors and deskpersons scan the Reports. Your "star and kalabasa" ratings section always gets the desk's attention and, I believe, is the most read part of the publication.

"I hope your latest study will get the same attention from journalists, especially from media top guys.

"I scanned the book and was impressed by the diligence you had in making the study. (The annexes are more reader-friendly compared to the annexes of the 2004 report, which were mostly statistics.) "

Read more here.

Whenever we get reactions like this -- through blog posts, SMS messages, email, or just your regular old-school postal mail -- the difficult media-monitoring work we do at the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility becomes a bit easier, even for a moment. We continue to check and discuss media coverage of issues, knowing that some practitioners -- like Sir Joe -- appreciate our efforts in helping further professionalize the press.

The next time we see each other, Sir Joe, I'm gonna kiss you. Haha.


Danananananana said...

wheeee! I loff Sir Joe too.

bryant said...


handaru said...

.......there is always moment of silence..I like these words.., bryan will you come to Bangkok on this september ?

bryant said...

hi handaru.

how are you? thanks for your comment. are you going to bangkok for the workshop as well?

venus said...

waah! i lab sir joe! I wanna stalk him! hehehe.. :p

bryant said...


haha. hindi ba? hehe.

pooyan said...

whee...hahaha aliw. :)

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