Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kundiman and old Philippine songs rock!

If you like or interested in knowing more about Kundiman and other Philippine classical songs, there are two blogs out there created by one passionate lover of these two almost-forgotten genres in Philippine music.

It's a pity that you can't find any program catering to these types of music in the local television anymore, or at least none that I know of. I am not sure if Armida Siguion Reyna's Aawitan Kita is still airing, but the last time I saw it was around two years ago or more, showing at a God-forsaken hour. When I was a child and much to my consternation then, I was forced to watch Aawitan Kita by my mother, who likes old Philippine songs. Back then, we only had one TV set and computers, I think at that time, had yet to be commercially released.

But thinking about it now, I am thankful that my mother had forced me to watch the program. It has encouraged me to later explore other genres of music, and not just being content with the usual mainstream hits that have become the regular staple of radio programs and even MTV or MYX.

Too bad there's no Aawitan Kita episode uploaded on Youtube (except a video showing Cris Villonco singing in the program and one karaoke song), for the sake of the younger generations who have never heard of any kundiman or Philippine classical song.

Please visit these links: Kundiman and Philippine Classical Music. The Kundiman blog also has several patriotic kundiman songs.


Ang Lolo Niyo said...

At talagang mahirap awitin ang mga kundiman ha, kaya dapat talagang ipagmalaki. ;p

yasuren said...

grbe nlng ung isang fan mo jan. nakakatawa. humihirit. :))

ang sipag mo ata mag post ngaun. :P

bryant said...

@ ang lolo niyo

oo naman po 'lo. Alam nyo yan kasi singer kayo nung panahon nyo di ba 'lo? :P

@ yasuren

haha. sinong fan?

hindi naman. naghahabol lang. :P

yasuren said...

yung sa kabilang entry. haha.

bryant said...

@ yasuren

haha. sira.

yasuren said...

bat di mo xa pnpansin? :))

gusto nya lng nmn makipagcommunicate a. hahaha

bryant said...


Anonymous said...

Maraming salamat kabayang Bryant sa ginawa mong pagpapahalaga sa ating Kundiman. Mabuhay ka!

bryant said...

@ ian

walang anuman. salamat salamat. I hope you continue in what you're doing. Thanks!

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