Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello again, Manila

Just arrived yesterday from Thailand, still feeling weary from the weeklong project management training workshop organized by the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA). The workshop -- facilitated by MDF management trainers and consultants Susanne van Lieshout and Roshanga Wickremesinghe -- proved fruitful, as it provided participants helpful information on project-related issues such as managing projects, securing funding from various institutions, writing proposals, making presentations, among others.

As I said, the workshop ran for about a week, although a project management workshop like that takes about two weeks. As it was shortened to just a week, the workshop's sessions sometimes stretched from 9 am to 6 pm or more. And the sessions were about management-related concepts, processes, and issues. Talk about major nosebleed.

But don't get me wrong. I am very thankful that the office has sent me (together with Lara) to attend the workshop. I learned a lot from the workshop, and very eager to apply the things I learned in our projects. Plus, I get to meet old friends in Southeast Asia as well as meeting new ones. And it was my first time in Pattaya, the venue of the workshop. Overall, it was great.

The participants, which are managers, project coordinators, and budget officers in their organizations, come from SEAPA and its member-organizations, as well as partners the Timor Lorosa’e Journalists’ Association from East Timor and Centre for Independent Journalism from Malaysia. Aside from the two of us in the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, the other two Philippine participants were Jaileen Jimeno and Baby Cacdac of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism.

Here are some photos:

Some of the participants.

Despite the hectic schedule, Lara still manages to look pretty for a photo.

Probably the most difficult task given to the participants was to make a toy car overnight. The cars should be made of recyclable or organic materials only. The participants were divided into two groups. To a group of journalists and press freedom advocates, the task was almost next to impossible.

The other group, Team Ferrari, made this:

Our group, Team McLaren relied on heavy corporate support to do this. Meet the next "It" car. Haha.

The two cars were tested in a car race. Because the Team Ferrari car ran faster and looked prettier than ours, it won. Boo. Haha.

When not eating at the Cosy Hotel in Pattaya (where we were billeted) or elsewhere, one fave dinner hangout of the group was this restaurant, which is near our hotel. Great food and service.

The guy on the left wearing a white shirt, which seemed to me the restaurant's owner, knew which person ordered what food and drinks the previous night. One my first dinner there, I ordered jal jeera for drink, my first time to order it ever. Turned out it was a wrong choice for a drink. The rest of the participants, who sipped the drink, practically agreed with me. I guess it's an acquired taste. I could still feel my stomach churning every time I think of the green-flavored polyjuice potion-looking drink.

At the end of the workshop on Friday, the participants who were leaving on the weekend were accommodated in a hotel in Bangkok.

I had some free hours on Saturday morning, so I went to the Chatuchak Park and of course, the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

A lot of things happened back home, most especially the conviction of former president Joseph Estrada for plunder . Man, lots of catching up to do.


yasuren said...

photog kna rin pala. haha

Cedelf P. Tupas said...

Good to know you're back, Bryant. You know you missed alot. hehehe. Im sure you had fun at the weekend market. Went there last January at nalula ako. 2 straight days siguro ako. Day 1 was to canvass the merchandise i desired. Day 2 was to splurge. Here's hoping you had good buys there.

Keep the impressive streak going with PJR Reports. As always, it was a sterling issue. Actually, its the second straight issue close to my heart, the other one was about sportswriting in the july issue.

I am very appalled with the amount of showbiz junk in the media nowadays. I could spend all day talking about my frustrations on this. Ill spare you.


bryant said...

@ yasuren

haha. di naman. di katulad mo. :P

@ cedelf

Thanks for the comment! Haha. I know, I know. Lots of things going on right now eh? Kaya ngayon habol sa work.

Wow, two days ang inispent mo sa Chatuchak? Good for you! Ako, every time I go there, I only have the whole afternoon to look and shop. Kaya lang sobrang nakakahilo. The free maps of the market they give there did not help me much. hehe.

And thanks for your nice words about PJR Reports. I saw your post yesterday. Was about to comment pero I am still quite busy at the moment.

Great paper! You said a lot of things that have put this celebrity-oriented coverage we have. We'll post a note in your blog about this a bit later.

Again, thanks!


yasuren said...

hahaha warmly...

Siew Eng said...

Hey, Bryant. Nai Nai and I are wondering how come we never got the customary Pinoy greeting that you gave Htar Htar?

bryant said...

@ siew eng

haha. next time i see you and nai nai i'll do that. haha!

blogerista said...

sir bry, I'm back hehe

tanong lang, nagdala ka ba ng GREEN ENVELOPE sa thiland? hehe

bryant said...

hahaha. yes, i did! buti na lang isa lang. hahahaa!

ang marami kong dala Teledyaryo CDs. sigh.

blogerista said...

teledyaryo? ilang dvds? hehe... para ka siguro nanonood ng isang season ng the office..

bryant said...

oo. kaso definitely mas seryoso. and can i say, boring? :D

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