Monday, September 03, 2007

Guess who's back

Malu Fernandez that's who. She is indeed back, writing for the Manila Standard Today.

Here's her first piece (appearing in today's issue) after the ruckus. The piece, which focused on makeup tips, did not mention the controversy at all.

Unseen evil on your dressing table
By Malu Fernandez
Source: Manila Standard Today

There are two kinds of people who react to bacteria and germs, some are from the germaphobes—or the people who are obsessed about cleanliness —others are just plain filthy. We have all seen those programs on one of the lifestyle channels (such as Clean House and the other one, whose title escapes me, is about the two British ladies who come in and show you how much bacteria you have in an unclean house). But many women I know who keep a decent clean home or are obsessive about cleanliness often forget about cleaning their makeup tables and medicine cabinets. There is a lot of unseen evil lurking on your dressing table and medicine cabinet. And by evil I mean bacteria and germs!

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Anonymous said... least, it's an article worth taking note of.

Btw, that UK show that she can't remember the name of. It's How Clean is Your House?

luthien said...

jeezuz. she's back. sabi ko na nga ba di yan tatanggalin ng MST. kasi yung isang bossing nila dun eh makikisimpatya sa kanya kasi he himself became the subject of people's ire because of his actions not too long ago.

or i may be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, on hindsight, hindi talaga matatanggal yang si Malu. Kasi naman kung tatanggalin sya for that offending article eh dapat tanggalin din editor nya dahil nakalusot yon.

Anyway, sana naman she's already learned from this experience and would exercise caution in the future.

E.J. said...

Divalicious is back in print in section C1 of today’s Manila Standard Today. I have a scan of the article over at

luthien said...

o. i forgot to edit my comment. my bad.

DJB Rizalist said...

I think you also need to see this:
Laughable Textbook Errors in Crucial Supreme Court Decisions

Malu is almost intelligent compared to Chief Justice Reynato Puno

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