Sunday, August 05, 2007

When journalists sleep with their sources (and see you next time, Venus)

Sorry for my on-and-off posting activity. As I have been ranting in the past few months, work at the office has reached toxic levels -- toxic enough to completely miss some of the gimmicks I scheduled, the movies I planned to watch, the books I was supposed to read -- you get the picture. Well, at least now that the election monitoring project is gone (There's going to be a book launch on it on the 17th. Yipee!) and with only one story hanging for the August issue of the PJR Reports (note to self: Finish it tomorrow, you procrastinator!), I think I am going to be relatively relaxed these next few days. So God, please help me.

Aside from reminding myself to finish one story tomorrow, I also have to remember that Venus, a dear colleague and friend of mine, isn't going to be in the office anymore. Sigh. Venus was with the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) for some time now, and it's always sad when people in CMFR (like Nathan) whom you have become friends with leaves. I watched her grow in the office, that Venus. She started working with CMFR as an election monitoring project volunteer in 2004, and ironically, she's ending her stint in the office after doing a fantastic job in the 2007 election project. She has been a great colleague and friend, always filling the office with her cheerful and upbeat personality.

We had some photos taken last Friday, when the staff went out. Venus treated us to Colasa's and after a hearty dinner (with bowls of to-die-for bulalo and lots of liempo and barbecue servings), we proceeded to Aruego's to cap the night with a round of drinks and incessant videoke singing. Will post some of the pictures this week.

Sigh. I hope that last Friday's night-out with Venus won't be the last.

Moving on, here's an update on the controversial journalist who had a love affair with one of her sources.

Mayor's girlfriend is placed on leave
Telemundo took the action while it investigates whether anchor Mirthala Salinas breached journalistic ethics by having a relationship with Antonio Villaraigosa.
By Duke Helfand and Steve Hymon, Times Staff Writers
Source: Los Angeles Times

Spanish-language broadcaster Telemundo placed newscaster Mirthala Salinas on paid leave Thursday while it carries out an investigation into whether she breached journalistic ethics by having a relationship with someone she covered: Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

Salinas has been missing from her anchor chair on the 6 p.m. newscast for the last three nights, since news of the relationship broke. Telemundo's national newscast on Thursday evening aired a lengthy story about her removal.

"Given the seriousness of the allegations that have been made, we have decided to conduct an internal review of the decisions and events that led us to where we are today," said Manuel Abud, vice president and general manager of KVEA-TV. "In the meantime, Mirthala Salinas has been placed on a leave of absence from her duties pending this review. We will conduct this investigation with the utmost respect to personal privacy and journalistic standards."

Salinas, 35, defended her actions through a spokeswoman, voicing confidence that the internal probe would clear her of any ethical lapses.

Read more here.


bananaman said...

"romancing the source", literally. hehe

ikaw sir, unethical ka. bilang hector ng media, you stole the heart of journalism's Helen.

haha jokes :D

bryant said...

hahaha. naman. tumpak.

haha. at bakit? cno namang helen yan? haahah!

Venus said...

Sigh. I hope that last Friday's night-out with Venus won't be the last.

--It won't really be the last. I promise. :) Next time, bitbit ko na si nathan. Pag di nagpapilit, hihilahin ko sya papuntang Timog. haha.
Miss you all!

bryant said...

@ venus

haha! miss yah!

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