Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Malu returns to the Manila Standard Today?

And the plot thickens. This is more interesting than I thought.

Freedom Watch checked the photo posted here (which I also posted the last time) whether it really got published in the Manila Standard Today. And suprise! This announcement was posted in the August 27 issue of the paper, or several days after the public outrage over the issue was reflected in the online and mainstream media.

See more photos here in Freedom Watch.

So, what happened to Malu Fernandez's supposed resignation from that paper? Is she truly part of the Manila Standard Today again?


Anonymous said...

What The??? Why the hey is she allowed to return??? Did they (Manila Standard) think this is cute? Not the ghoulish picture but I think they're trying to milk this until it bleeds. This will bite them in the shins. The downfall of Manila Standard I tell you.

P0ytee said...

What kind of a sick joke is this?

sparks said...

A simple response from the newspaper would’ve mollified the people. But they choose to remain silent, apart from columnists B. Austero and C. Veneracion.

Maybe they think this will all blow over soon and everyone will forget about it. Kasi nga naman ang Pinoy daw madaling makalimot.

But this media unfolds in real-time, available for all and sundry to read 24/7 non-stop…in theory, until kingdom come. Or until US servers are nuked. That is the difference between old media - newspapers and TV spots. The messages they give are fleeting, once delivered they are gone. But our blogs, forums and mailing lists? They deliver the message and the message is there to stay ’til we decide to close shop. Ah well. Sagutin ang hamon ng Manila Standard Today.

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