Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lowering broadcast journalism standards anew?

Found an interesting entry from Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) Daily that tackled the recent dismissal of veteran broadcaster of Dan Rather from CBS and the heavily-criticized CNN interview with Angelina Jolie. The article, written by Gal Beckerman, is in effect, asking: Are we seeing the standards of US broadcast journalism plunging anew?

"For those bloggers who seem to be in a permanent state of hand-wringing about what they see as broadcast journalism's plummeting standards, yesterday was a bonanza," wrote Beckerman. "Not only did Dan Rather, the last of the "voice of God" troika announce that he was being pushed out of CBS, but it was also the night that CNN, that stodgy, old cable news channel, featured two hours of Angelina Jolie's impossibly plump lips."

Read Beckerman's article entitled "Exit Rather, Enter Coop and Plump Lips."

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