Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A day of reckoning

Tomorrow is the 17th Jaime V. Ongpin Awards for Excellence in Journalism (JVOAEJ). I wonder who the winners are. But I am pretty sure that many journalists out there are anticipating the results tomorrow, especially with the recent innovation introduced by the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (JVOAEJ technical and administrative secretariat) separating entries produced by dailies from non-dailies and other media organizations.

See you there.


Anonymous said...

Does CMFR still publish a magazine? I remember owning a copy a couple of years back.

Loi Reyes Landicho

bryant said...

Hi Loi,

Are you referring to the Philippine Journalism Review (PJR)? If you are, yes, CMFR still does. It is now a monthly now called as the PJR Reports. Incidentally, I quoted a post you wrote in your blog regarding Doris's dismissal from ABS-CBN in the current issue of PJR Reports.

If you want more info about PJR Reports, check out CMFR's site:


Anonymous said...

hey bryant...

3 questions:

in what article did you discuss doris' case?

is it available online?

are copies of PJR Reports available at Fully-Booked?



bryant said...

Hi Loi, here are my answers:

1. I discussed about Doris's issue in the June 2006 issue of the PJR Reports (the article was entitled "A reporter clashes with employer ABS-CBN: 'Mutya ng Masa' no More"). In the story, I included your post about the reaction of an ABS-CBN reporter on the case.

2. I'm sorry, it's not available online. CMFR has decided to only include some articles online.

3. Yes, I think it is. If it's not, you can try PowerBooks, Datelines, and Bound. National Bookstore has the most copies though, I think.


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