Friday, December 07, 2007

To the people’s teacher, poet, friend and comrade

And to my former PI 100 professor, I salute you. May your fight continue to inspire us amid these dark times.

Farewell, Monico Atienza
Source: Antonio Zumel Center for Press Freedom
December 6, 2007

The Antonio Zumel Center for Press Freedom conveys its deepest condolence and sorrow to the family, colleagues and comrades of Prof. Monico Atienza. Ka Nic as he is fondly called passed away yesterday, December 5.

Ka Nic will be remembered for his intensity and determination to carry out the people’s interest even during the darkest hours of martial law. He suffered severe and grave physical and mental torture at the hands of the enemies upon his arrest in 1974. The brutal enemy tried to break him to betray the revolution and his comrades. But he stood firm and militant putting the safety and interest of the revolutionary movement and the comrades foremost in his mind.

Read here for more.

Arkibong Bayan has a two-part special tribute to Sir Nick. Sir Nick's photo above from Arkibong Bayan as well. reports his and fellow Prof. Rene Villanueva's deaths. Bulatlat's special report on Sir Nick here.

Sir Nick's wake lies at the UCCP (United Council of Churches of the Philippines) chapel along EDSA. Tomorrow at 8 am, his remains will be cremated. Photo of news clipping at left from Adarna's Attic.

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luthien said...

may god rest his soul.

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