Monday, October 22, 2007

Panties for Peace

As the blame game behind the Makati bombing (whodunit?) continues, the refreshingly interesting "Panties for Peace" campaign against Burma's military junta gains momentum. Panties as a form of protest? And there's another: Putting the junta leader's picture in the necks of stray dogs.

Got this email from a dear Malaysian colleague.

"Panties for Peace" campaign wins wide support
by Violet Cho

You can check the story online here, here, and here.

The "Panties for Peace" campaign aimed at Burma's military regime is gaining momentum, with the establishment of a committee to drum up support in Thailand.

The campaign began on October 16, with women throughout the world sending packages to Burmese embassies containing panties. Burma's superstitious generals, particularly junta chief Than Shwe, believe that contact with any item of women's wear deprives them of their power.

"Panties for Peace" campaigns have sprung up in Australia, Europe, Singapore—and now Thailand, where a Lanna Action for Burma committee has been formed in Chiang Mai to support the feminine protest.

Ying Tzarm, a co-founder of Lanna Action for Burma, told The Irrawaddy that the campaign was aimed at undermining the superstitious beliefs of the military regime.

Click here for more. Photo above from this site.


jam said...

read about this before. interesting. kaso wala naman daw reaksyon burmese military govt. sigh.

kebs din sila sa calls ng intl community. ano bang dapat gawin pa? haaaaay.

bryant said...

pressure china!

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