Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bryant, the dancer (and please support Sizzle in Move!)

Sigh. I have been so busy with the activities at the office that I have almost forgotten I am a dancer -- online.

A few months ago, I was addicted to Audition Online, a popular online dance game where you compete with other players in a dance room by dancing some Korean and other Asian songs using the space bar and direction keys. Being the poor dancer that I am in real life, the thought of competing with other "dancers" was quite thrilling, and the fact that I have a number of relatives and friends (especially the younger ones) that play the game encouraged me to try the game (and unleashing the inner kid in me). When I told my friend Mae-mae, who is an Audition addict as well, that I play Audition, I think I was in level 5 or 6. And that was what? Maybe five or six months ago.

Poor me. After several months of almost-zero activity in Audition, I only managed to move up by just one level, level 7. And now, seeing how many players are well beyond level 7, I don't think I have the energy and time to improve my level. Sigh. I don't know.

Here's Bryant, the Audition Dancer.

Well, as far as dancing in real life and online go, I pale in comparison with my sister Hazel. Not only is she an active member of a dance group called Swipez Crew (a hiphop/R 'n B/breakdance group in our local community), she is also currently a level-16 dancer in Audition. Life can sometimes be so unfair. (Haha.)

Here is Hazel's Audition avatar:

Here's Hazel doing a hollow back, a breakdance move.

Speaking of dancing, I hope Sizzle, currently one of the finalists in Billy Crawford's dance reality show in GMA-7 called Move!, win the contest. I don't watch the local shows anymore, except for a number of news and public affairs programs. But since Sizzle is there competing, I try to make it a point to watch the show especially when I'm at home. Just like today.

Like Hazel, Sizzle is a member of the Swipez Crew, which always practice near our favorite hangout in our place. She seems to me a kind and caring kid who always smile at me every time I see her. I've seen some of their practices, and man, her moves are really awesome. You can count on her to give her very best whether they are just practicing or performing. You can really see how passionate she is -- and her group are -- in dancing. Man, if I only have those moves. I think one reason why my playlist carries some trance, hiphop, and R 'n B songs -- often to the surprise of my friends because they know I love rock songs better -- is because I hear a lot of these by watching the group practice, or even when I'm at home when Hazel plays the songs full-blast in our speaker while cleaning the house.

Here's a group pic of Swipez:

Here's a photo of Hazel and Sizzle, with my cousin Joanna (who's also a Swipez member):

I don't usually do this, but I hope you guys support Sizzle. Text votes are a big factor in determining the six winners of this contest (which will become Crawford's back-up dance team in his concerts in and outside the country), so if you could just text MOVE SIZZLE and send to 2344 (for Globe and Sun subscribers) and 367 (to Smart and Talk and Text), that's a big help already. A text message only costs P2.50 each. Come on guys (including you, avid Crawford fans Rocel and Scent), please help one kid's dream come true.


siew eng said...

go do the real thing! this virtual reality is really getting ridiculous!

bryant said...

haha. if i only could siew eng, if only i could. sad to say, i was born with two left feet. so, before I humiliate myself, no more dancing for me in the "real" world. haha.

yasuren said...

ttxt lng ako pag ikaw na andun. hindi bilang rakstar. kundi sumasayaw for billy crawford. HAHAHA. sayang. sina scent at rocel sana sasali din dun.

pinost tlga ung character sa audition online. hahaha. :P

bryant said...

hahaha! horrors of horrors naman un pag nakita mo kong sumayaw. kahit na anong sayaw. di naman ako si sir bimbo no. hahaha.

yasuren said...

hahhahhahaha. un lang.

bryant said...

hahahaah! parang may gustong sabihin ah. haha.

yasuren said...

wala. :D

yasuren said...

baket? ano sabi ng tarot? hahaha

bryant said...

sos. haha.

Dana said...

billy crawford.

(sorry, biglang nagflashback ako sa pokemon. Migas)

yasuren said...

kht sumikat ka pa ng sobra in da near [or far.haha] future, alam ko parin na front lang yung pagiging journalist. HAHAHAHA

bryant said...


bryant said...

siraulo ka tat. haha.

to dana, yes, everytime i also hear or see his name, i can almost hear pokemon's background song. haha.

yasuren said...

bigyan mo kmi load pangtext. hahaha

bryant said...


Anonymous said...

hmn.. you were called the great "Disco Boy" during *toot* days.. may pa Trance Trance pa nga eh..

diba diba diba?

-anonymous kunwari-

bryant said...

kilala kita. tmumigil ka. kala ko kaibigan kita.

hahaha! sipain kita ha! bahala ka, di na tayo iinom! wahahaha!

yasuren said...

sabi na nga ba front lang yang pagiging journalist e. :P

criz said...

dati ang alam ko sayo vocalist ka ng isang emo band. ang di ko alam naging disco boy ka din pala.. whatta!? madame ka palang tinago-tagong talent!!! hahaha.. gimik nga tayo para maipakita mo ang mga moves mo!!! yeah!!!! hahaha

bryant said...

@ yasuren

hahahahah! siraulo!

@ criz

discoboy amp! hahahaahahah! wala un. gagu lang yang nagcomment na yan e. hehe.

Anonymous said...

talaga lang ah. wala ka namang tracker eh. kaya malakas loob ko. mwuaha-ha-ha-ha!

singer talaga yan. bangis sa videoke. (with matching kembot to the leeeeft. kembot to riiiight. Shake it beybe)


anonymous pa rin kunwari

bryant said...

hahaha. siraulo ka. bahala ka. di na kita kakausapin sa ym at text! haha.

please lang, wag kang magkalat ng kasinungalingan dito sa blog. seryosohan ito. haha.

criz said...

shake it to the left? shake it to the right?!



bryant said...

chicken noodle soup. hahaha!

maenoodle said...

ako din eh di na naglalaro audition hehe. grabe ang hazel adik. level 16?? pambihira.

taga-fatima din po ba ung si sizzle?? parang may nakita ako sa aming bulletin eh. nangangampanya din for her.

tama kuya, bigyan mo kami load pantext! hehe. awanti load!!

bryant said...

@ maenoodle

haha! oo, lam ko naglalaro ka ng audition. parang level 12 ka na ata di ba. oo, hay naku, si hazel, laging puyat kalalaro. adeektus.

taga-fatima i think si sizzle. hehe.

alanhya! load amp! awanti load rin ako no! hahaahah!

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