Sunday, May 27, 2007

That's what the First Gentleman thought

So, Mike Arroyo thought that his "generosity" would make the press love him. That's what he thought.

Here's the joint statement of the journalists who have filed a class suit against the Mr. Arroyo:

In view of Jose Miguel Arroyo’s announcement that he intends to withdraw all the libel suits he has brought against journalists (46 in all), the question is raised whether we might respond by withdrawing our own class suit against him.

As it happens, this is not a case of such humanitarian challenge as the question seems to suggest. Mr. Arroyo, no doubt, deserves every sympathy after his heart surgery but, however serious his condition may be, it does not excuse him from misrepresenting his place in the way he has done: his is not to dispense generosity (his own word) to the journalists, but to ask them for it.

Apparently, Mr. Arroyo has had a dubious epiphany. Instead of realizing, as might have been the case in a true chastening, that he has filed whimsical, malicious, wholesale suits, and apologizing, he presents himself as in fact the one wronged and offers yet to forgive.

That is adding insult to injury, and it serves only to strengthen our intention to proceed with our suit for damages in behalf of our profession.

In the history of Philippine media, it is Mr. Arroyo who has filed the most number of libel cases versus journalists.

Let us remember that he is out to erode the watchdog function of the press. That is anathema in a democracy.

We’re trying to build the press as an institution that will function vigorously as part of the checks and balances in our system. As it is, we already operate in difficult conditions, where vested interests dominate some media organizations and the culture of impunity casts its dark shadow on us.

Today, we face a new battleground—in the courts.


dotep said...

oo nga naman, napak-impokrito naman ni FG arroyo... sa totoo lang andami nang nakaaway na media yung administrasyon ni arroyo, lagi niyang binabatikos media,

kapag umaangal may itinatago...

nga pala, galing naman nung blog na to, parang blog ni wilfredo pascual... astig... tska galing niyo sir..

bryant said...

salamat dotep sa iyong comment. my writing is nowhere near mr. pascual's. pero salamat.

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