Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Coming soon: Gloria: The Survivor?

Talk about politicians who find nothing wrong dabbling in showbiz.

Thaksin Shinawatra, Thailand's Prime Minister, has started appearing in his own round-the-clock reality TV show.

The show, called the "Backstage Show: The Prime Minister," started airing yesterday. UBC, Thailand's biggest cable operator, will follow the prime minister and air live footage of Thaksin 24 hours a day from January 16 to 21 for his working visit at the northeastern province of Roi Et.

The Nation, one of the country's biggest papers, had this to say about the show's first airing:

"Boring, say many viewers of (Thaksin)’s reality show as locals, protesters mass in Roi Et. Life in At Samat district of Roi Et came to a virtual standstill yesterday as Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra arrived to launch his five-day reality show dedicated to fighting poverty." (Read more about the article)

The paper also has a minute-by-minute coverage on the show, which it entitled "Our light hearted look at the Thaksin Fantasia as it happens."

According to this report, Shinawatra "hopes to boost sluggish public support for his government by appearing in his own round-the-clock reality TV..."

I won't get surprised if Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is thinking of copying what Shinawatra did, given her dismal public performance, at least according to the surveys. So, what's the title gotta be? "The Survivor: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo"? Or should it be the "Amazing Gloria"? How about a Donald Trumps rip-off, "The (Power-hungry) Apprentice?" What do you think?


criz said...

waaaaaaaaa!!!! don't give GMA the ideas.. baka mamaya magkaroon nga yan ng reality tv show... or baka yang mga ibang politician na yan.. p*cha!

bryant said...

Haha. For sure, they know it already.

Jon Limjap said...

Goes to show na kahit saan ka pumunta, pare-pareho mga pulitiko.

Rizalist said...

Gloria the Gordian Nut. You can't crack or unravel her and even FVR tried to cut her.

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