Friday, January 13, 2006


Why do I even bother changing the template of my blog? Sorry about my links (or the lack of it) in my new template. I'll definitely work that out. As soon as the January 2006 issue of the PJR Reports is taken to the press. Sigh.

I am currently watching Txtube, a music video show in GMA-7, while researching for the February issue of the PJR Reports. One of the songs of a favorite band, the US-based Finch, was featured at least twice in the show. The song, "Worms of the Earth", was an OST of the 2003 film "Underworld", which starred Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman. Haaay, can't wait to see the film's sequel, "Underworld Evolution".

Meanwhile, below is the video of that Finch song. The photo on the left was taken from this site.

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Pao said...

do you think the second underworld would be better than the first one? you know what, you were the first one who showed me how finch looks like. thanks.

bryant said...

Hi pao. I'm not sure. I won't raise my hopes that high though. The first has a very good plot, so I am not sure if the sequel would be better than the first one.

Btw, don't you agree? Finch rocks!

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