Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Can't wait to see this

Yes. Like almost everybody else, I am also a huge Harry Potter fan. In fact I am planning to watch the fourth film in the Harry Potter series on Saturday.

Meanwhile, for those who are waiting to see the film, below is a review of the fourth installment from Yahoo.

Two and a half stars out of four? Hmmm, not bad eh?

Review: 'Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire'

If the third film in the Harry Potter series, last year's "Prisoner of Azkaban," seemed frightening with its soul-sucking Dementors and its German expressionist aesthetic, then the fourth installment, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," will have kids quaking in their seats and perhaps wishing they had an invisibility cloak to hide beneath.

This "Potter" earns its PG-13 rating a first for the previously PG series about the boy wizard as Harry grows into adolescence and learns more about his powers and his past. Of course, young fans have already devoured the J.K. Rowling books that provide the basis for the films, so they know what's coming. (The author is up to No. 6 out of seven planned.) But reading it on the page and seeing it on the screen can be two entirely different experiences, and several scenes will be disturbing to viewers regardless of age.

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Siew Eng said...

hey, that's an old photo la.

bryant said...

hehe. sorry siew eng! :)

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