Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back to Kalye Juan and went home defeated (again)

I went back to Kalye Juan last November 19 – my third time to go to the resto, which offers great food that surprisingly cost relatively cheaper than the other chi-chi bars in Morato. I was hoping then that, together with CMFR colleagues Lara and Ate Carol, and my cousin Philip, we would be able to finally finish everything in our dishes (which I and Ate Carol failed to do so in our last two attempts).

Our mission: to finish 3 plates of Sisig (two pork and one tuna), one Salmon Sinigang sa Miso, one plate of Adobong Kangkong, and one plate of Dinamita with six cups of rice.

This, I am ashamed to say: that I failed again to finish the Pork Sisig, which I had been eagerly looking forward to.

I promised myself that on my next battle with Kalye Juan’s sisig, I’ll finally emerge as the victor. Haha.

At left is our appetizer, the Dinamita (breaded chilli peppers filled with cheese with mayo dip). You get like six pieces of Dinamita for P85.

Tuna Sisig costs P140. Pork Sisig costs the same as well.

The delicious Salmon Sinigang sa Miso is priced at P120.

Adobong Kangkong is only P65.

One happy customer.

I should't have taken too much of the refillable iced tea (P40). Naubos ko sana iyong sisig.

Kalye Juan is located in CKB Center, T. Morato corner Scout Rallos, Quezon City. Contact numbers: (+63 2) 376 2508 and (+63 917) 847 8744.

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