Monday, September 28, 2009

The Day After Tragedy Struck

Ondoy ravages San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.


Angel said...

Great story, Bryant! Very relevant. Hope you and your family are safe in Bulacan.

TIN said...

Nice video sir Bryant! Keep them coming... I imagine, maybe a few years from now, stories will be narrated like this na, instead of written in text. Malay mo lang.

Hector Bryant L. Macale said...

@ Angel,

Thank you for your comment! Saw your video too. Very nice! Thank God my family and all the others I know are safe. Thanks! :)

@ Tin

Hi! Thanks for the comments. Actually, medyo naka-video reporting mode ako these past few weeks because of my multimedia reporting class.

What you're saying is already happening. Many of the major media organizations, such as those based in the United States, have already incorporated multimedia elements in their reporting. In some reports, completely multimedia na. Such cases are already happening in the Philippines as you know.

Phiilippines said...

You've got a nice video of Ondoy from Youtube. I wish you could update this blog more, sir, Hector. I was just trying to make a research of the tragedies and trying to make a link to the recent magnitude 9 Japan earhtquake and tsunami. - Ana

Hector Bryant L. Macale said...

Hi Ana, thank you for your comment. Yup, actually I am planning to make a new blog soon. Will post the new link.

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