Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lots of things to do

I'm not really complaining though. Why, with all these goodies to read I bought just a few days ago from Fully Booked in Serendra and National Bookstore.

My main problem is that I still haven't read all the books I previously bought and got from friends and colleagues. Now, if only I could read three books a week, just like one veteran writer I know. Sigh.

I probably should take a break before reading all these books--something which I should have done earlier, such as watching the Eraserheads reunion gig (Sigh again). Should I watch Paul Potts's concert in Manila on Oct. 8? Or should I relive good ol' memories of Pulpcommunity and watch the "Oldies Night: The Reunion" next week?

Oldies Night: The Reunion
presented by Unifying Force Productions


Whorelocke, Powertools,Pentavia, Orgasm Addicts, Diwa, Akaw First Project, Malik Mata, Vie, Descant Gott and After Math

Sept.14 Sunday @ 9Mile Bar, Kalayaan Ave, QC. 9pm onwards.
Damage:100bucks Event Shirts will be sold @ the gate for 200php


Debbie Uy said...

So many books, so little time! I've reduced my book purchasing, but I still have a LOT of reading backlog. Still, it feels nice to see those books I want to read on my shelf :)

Yuri Alfrin Aladdin said...

me too, i have many books but i don't have chance to finish reading them.

bryant said...

@ debbie

Yes, indeed. So many books, so little time! You wouldn't believe my long reading backlog--the main reason why I kind of imposed a self-ban against visiting book shops. Haven't even finished reading all our ACFJ readings. Sigh.

@ yuri

If only we have all the time in the world. :) By the way, you have so many blogs! Which blog link should I add?

Yuri Alfrin Aladdin said...

haha..yes, i have many blogs but i'm lazy to update them. However, maybe i'll focus on from now on. I'll add your blog too in my blog with your permission.

bryant said...

@ yuri

just changed your blog link with the one you gave. and yes, please add my link. :)

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