Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maltreated refugees, forgotten soldiers

Take a look at the sad plight of these Bhutanese refugees.

The video can be seen here.

Here's what the London-based news agency Journeyman Pictures wrote about the video:

"Why did India open fire on thousands of Bhutanese refugees, trying to cross peacefully into India on their way home? This investigation includes rare footage of the shooting.
Shouting "Bhutan is our homeland", thousands of refugees attempt to stream across the Nepal-India border to go home to Bhutan. But the area is soon flooded with Indian security guards and shots ring out. Two people are killed and hundreds wounded."

These Hindu refugees are descendants from the Nepalese who settled in Bhutan centuries ago. But most of the population of Bhutan are Buddhist. In 1990, the King suddenly withdrew the Hindus' citizenship and forced them out. India allowed them safe passage to reach Nepal but now refuses to let them return to Bhutan. As one man laments: 'We are living a life that is worse than that of animals'."

Journeyman Pictures has other eye-opening video features as well. One good feature it did was about how thousands of American soldiers returning from Iraq have severe mental problems. "They feel abandoned by the Bush administration and claim officials are trying to hide the true scale of the problem," according to the report.

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