Sunday, June 24, 2007

The tales of one journalist and the online addiction of another

I wished I had my audio recorder with me last Friday.

Amid deadline pressures, I and Ate Carol managed to have dinner with Joe Torres of GMANews.TV and National Union of Journalists of the Philippines at Kalye Juan in Timog (my nth visit to the place). Actually, I was initially hesitant to go because of the numerous assignments I have to finish. Good thing we went, for it was like a Joe Torres: Up Close and Personal news special. Here is one of the country's most prominent journalists, talking about his personal life, why he went to journalism, his up-and-down lovelife (don't worry Sir Joe; won't divulge details here... haha!), his career, and the rampant corruption in media. Fit for a Maalala Mo Kaya or Magpakailanman episode. Too bad we didn't have the time to order beer while he was revealing to us major, major details about his life. Let's set another dinner, Sir Joe. And this time, we order beer. Haha.

Until now, I am still disoriented by the things he told me, especially on media corruption. Whew.

For Sir Joe's GMANews.TV blog, click here. His personal blog here.

By the way, I just recently created a account. what? Says Time: "Founded by Martin Clifford, a Web 1.0 multimillionaire who's back for round two, aims to bring more depth and intelligence to online social networking. Unlike the most popular networking sites, which are more about narcissism (why else would you post 29 pictures of yourself?) and passive voyeurism (guess who your ex is dating now?!) the best way to enjoy is to dive in and start asking and answering questions. And unlike Facebook and its ilk, is fun to use even if you don't know anyone else on it." (Read the article Is Your Next Web Obsession?) Think of it as Friendster or Myspace, but an inquisitive one.

If you have a accout, feel free to add me. Many of you already know my accounts in Friendster, Myspace, Eskwela, Linked.In, and Multiply, so I don't need to put the links here. Haha. Talk about cyber-addiction.


yasuren said...

whoo nagpost. haha. maganda nman yung previous post mo ah.. yung walang nakakabasa. :D

sir wag mo namang iconsider na addiction ung sayo kc di ko na lam ano itatawag sa addiction ko. hahaha

bryant said...

haha. grabe ka naman. aapat na araw pa lang ata ako di nag-post. hehe.

dont forget i have my twitter, yahoo alerts, google alerts, and sandamukal na rss at bookmarks. waah.

yasuren said...

ahh. oo panalo ka. pamimirata lang kasi ang ginagawa ko kaya ako online parati.

yung sau... hindi ko na alam tawag. hahahaha

bryant said...

haha. ikaw ang ultimate online pirate. hehehehe. asan na ung mga films ko? hehe.

yasuren said...

kakatamad maghati at magrecode e. hahaha. prang ineedit ko bawat film. tagaaaaal. sa susunod na get together bbgay ko. hahaha. kung kelan man yun. :P

bryant said...

pwede naman kasing magkaroon ng second na kitaan. what if i-ask mo sina sir bimbo at sir don na manlibre? after all, maaga silang umalis non.

haaay, naalala ko na naman ang mga naiwan natin na inumin. sayang.

yasuren said...

sino ba kasi nag-aksaya ng oras kakatulog? [hahaha. oo wasted time na ngayon ang pagtulog.] pero isipin mo sir. limang bote pa yun. anim na kape. tapos may 80pesos pa. ilang kaha na yun? >:P masyado mo naman kasi naenjoy yung fonebooth. hehe

lugi na nga sila sir don at sir bimbo nun sir. kasi same parin bnayad nila kahit isang chicken lollipop lang ata nakain nla. hahaha.

bryant said...

yes. kung pwede lang wag matulog. hahaha.

sha. sha. organize tayo ng second round. ayain ko uli buong staff. di ko lang sila makausap ngayon ng matino kc ANDAMING gawain. ngayon nga, magtanong ka lang sa staff, cranky na. parang sabihin mo, "Ay, (name of staff)," ang sagot ay isang malaking "HUUUWWWAAAATTT??!!??" ganon.

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