Sunday, March 04, 2007

After the Kris Aquino-James Yap issue, can we now talk about media coverage of the elections?

Please do not forget to attend tomorrow's round table discussion on monitoring the news coverage of the elections. Luis Teodoro, deputy director of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), will present the findings and recommendations from CMFR's Citizens Media Monitor of the 2004 elections. He will also talk about the ongoing monitoring project of CMFR on this year's senatorial and party-list elections.

In 2004, CMFR -- together with several civil society organizations and academic groups -- monitored the elections coverage of three papers -- the Manila Bulletin, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and The Philippine Star, six news programs -- TV Patrol, Insider (ABS-CBN 2), Frontpage/24 Oras, Saksi (GMA-7), News Central (Studio 23), and The World Tonight (ABS-CBN News Channel), and two public affairs programs -- Dong Puno Live and I-Witness. In the 2007 project, CMFR is still monitoring the three papers and six programs (although there were changes in the program selection). The six programs are TV Patrol World, Bandila (ABS-CBN 2), 24 Oras, Saksi (GMA7), Sentro (ABC-5), and Primetime Teledyaryo (NBN-4).

Are we getting relevant information about the senatorial and party-list candidates from the press? Is the press helping us decide who to vote for on May 14? Or are we just getting more confusing and misleading information? If you're concerned about these things, please attend the round table discussion tomorrow.


Tirador said...

The election coverage by the majority of mainstream Philippine media has been mostly sensational and minimalist when it came to the candidate's platform. Reflective of the candidate's commercial marketing approach in their campaigns.

In product marketing--packaging, music jingle's and one liners dominate commercials. They do not inform consumers of the chemical contents (carcinogens), fat and sugar content of these products. This is what the Philippine media has mostly been covering-- campaign advertising.

A debate among candidates will surely be a good forum for the press to report on.

Citizen Journalism at

bryant said...

thanks tirador for that insightful comment.

luthien said...

that book by CMFR was really helpful. buti na lang i saw it being sold in newsdesk in QC before it disappeared. nga pala, why weren't you selling that in bigger bookstores like national? (or maybe di ko lang nakita).

btw, i've moved my blog to nagpapabayad na blog-city eh.

bryant said...


thank you for the nice comment. i asked and the staff told me, the book is available in national. just tell me if you need another and we can send one to you.

will change my links.

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