Sunday, February 11, 2007

More airtime for Mitoy! Bring back Chuchay!

One of our guilty pleasures in the office is watching Eat Bulaga. So, while we're eating our lunch, we watch the silly and wacky antics of Eat Bulaga's hosts. It doesn't hurt to watch a ridiculously funny show when you watch ANC, CNN, and the countless news programs all day, no?

My favorite portion of the show is the "Bulagaan", that long-standing segment of Eat Bulaga. I remember when Diane, our Fil-German intern a few months back, was still in the office. She asked why we like "Bulagaan" and watch it all the time when the hosts' antics are more or less the same every day. I found myself and Lara speechless for a moment there. Truly, how do you explain the "Bulagaan" phenomenon?

Anyway, although I still like it when it's Vic Sotto and Jose's turn, my daily digest of "Bulagaan" now would not be complete without Mitoy. Mitoy, I am your newest fan.

More airtime for Mitoy! Bring back Chuchay!

In this video, Mitoy and Chuchay appear near at the end. Just be patient in loading the clip. I tell you -- it will be worth the wait.

By the way, this is my first post after upgrading this blog. I hope I won't experience any problems with the blog-moving -- heard some bad experiences from others who earlier upgraded their blogs.


arci said...

haaaay... onga, i also miss chuchay... nood k n lng ng h3O (hahaha over) sa qtv. dun nmn talaga ang home ni chuchay eh. mondays, 8:30pm. hehe.

and yes, more than a year n nila ginagawa, pero benta p dn. (bossing & jose's everyday sing-a-song tandem). =)

luthien said...

uyyy kami rin sa press room sa beat eat bulaga din. yung sa beat na tinawiran ko, eat bulaga din. tapos sa bagong beat ko, eat bulaga pa rin! balik nyo si chuchay! heard from colleagues sa isang wire agency tumitigil ang bureau office pag bulagaan na *snicker* hehe.

bryant said...

@ arci

baka ma-kornihan na ako sa h3O. hehe. kasi iba rin ang formula nila pag bulagaan, di ba? si michael v nga, i like him sa bubble gang, pero pag nag-joke na siya sa eat bulaga, parang sobrang korni. Kaka-turn off. Well, unless intended ang jokes niya to be korni.

I think eat bulaga has to think of new ideas in their bulagaan portion. While Vic and Jose's "sing a song" portion and Allan K's wacky antics remain a hit to the viewers, their acts have become rather ordinary and boring day by day.

or they can bring back chuchay and mitoy nga.

@ luthien

hehe. kahit saan, panalo bulagaan! should we start now a "bring back chuchay, more airtime for mitoy" press campaign?

maenoodle said...

wahaha... favorite din namin bulagaan. kakatuwa ^__^

bryant said...

@ maenoodle

nakakatuwa naman kasi bulagaan. although ngayon, parang nagsawa na rin kami sa portion na iyon. puro Jack TV na lang pag lunch time. hehe.

Anonymous said...

d best tlaga c gladys guevarra aka chuchay... ibalik n sna nila sa eat bulaga. kaka mis ung pag impersonate nya sa iba ibang artista... tulad kina anabelle rama...

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