Thursday, October 26, 2006

They're definitely not Hale or Cueshe

Some readers of this blog ask me why I stopped posting about bands and music in general. Actually, I didn't. It's just that I wanted to highlight in this blog some of the most crucial issues facing media, especially now in these troubled times when press freedom in this country is threatened.

Bands, especially the great indie ones, are often a good reason for me to stop my continuous stream of posts on journalism. Bands like Traces of War.

I asked the band's bass guitarist, a good friend and former bandmate of mine, to tell me something how his band started. Here's Calix on how Traces of War started:

Around 2003, an emo/indie-screamo band was born within the walls of Polytechnic University of the Philippines with the creation of Tears of All by members Manuel Rederico (vox), Dave Guttierez (guitars), Junlie dela Cruz (bass) and Clark Paraiso (drums).

After some time doing indie-screamo type of music, the band members decided to do more Metal music, realizing that this genre is the music they all love.

Junlie eventually left the band due to personal reasons. In 2005, he was replaced by Calix Gualdrapa and Albert Martin (as an additional axeman).

With two new members finally complementing Tears of All's music, the band members, despite the variety of musical influences (ranging from metal, hard rock, even jazz and blues) they have, realized what type of music they should really be doing -- Metalcore type of music. The change in the music direction and the addition of two new members prompted the band to drop the name Tears of All and sport the name Traces of War.

Collectively, Traces of War members listen and are influenced by bands like Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, Unearth, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Exodus, Testament, Sodom, Children of Bodom, Megadeth, Hatebreed to name a few. Tears of All decided to name themselves Traces of War with the present Lineup with Manuel Rederico on Vocals, Dave Guttierez and Albert Martin on guitars, Calix Gualdrapa on Bass, and Clark Paraiso on Drums.


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To hear Traces of War's demo song "Light," click here or click the link below. The Youtube video of the band came from good friend Gotheng (who I heard is also in the band. When will I hear your band, Got? hahaha.).

Click here to watch 'Light-by-Traces-of-War'

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