Monday, May 22, 2006

Wow mali

By the way, here's a photo of the true Guy Kewney, taken from NewsWireless. Tsk tsk. This incident made me remember a story written by Booma Cruz, copy editor of the PJR Reports and Probe's editorial consultant, on how the local media became confused as well while it was covering the six-hour military standoff in Fort Bonifacio last February 26 (Too bad the story, published in the magazine's March 2006 issue, is not available online).

One hilarious part of the story went like this:

"With (Col. Ariel) Querubin already inside the building (the Marines headquarters), media was on heightened alert. From one side of the camp, reporters rushed toward a group of new faces. A reporter immediately pressed his radio: 'May foreigner na dumating. Foreigner ito!' (There's a foreigner coming. It's a foreigner!)

"Mobbed by reporters, the 'foreigner' was asked by an excited reporter: 'Sir, what's the stand of the US embassy?' The man in the sports shirt gave a puzzled look.

"Finally, another reporter recognized him. 'Ah, Iñigo!' The man was not from US embassy after all. He was Iñigo Zobel, son of the late industrialist Enrique Zobel."

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luthien said...

hahaha. yan nga din ang topic ng usapan namin pag nababato na kami sa pagaantay ng presscon. funny. sobrang natanga kami dun sa reporter na yun. like...duh?

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