Saturday, March 18, 2006

Black and White Movement blog hacked?

Here's Helga of the Black and White Movement posting a comment in my first post about the arrest of Dinky Soliman and Enteng Romano:

"Hello Bryant. Thank you for writing about our experience last night. Both Enteng and Dinky were released upon their own recognizance past midnight but it was ruled that the case has to go through further investigation. We maintain that we were merely hoping to stroll the Baywalk. We had no placards, we did not chant. In fact, we never got to the street."

She also offered apologies to those wondering what happened to their blog, which was inaccessible yesterday. Was their blog hacked? Hmmm. Does this mean that this site can easily be hacked too? Anyway, check out these other sites (here and here) of the group to get an update of their activities.

The picture above showing Dinky negotiating with the arresting cops was taken from one of the group's blog.

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