Monday, February 20, 2006

Shigi shigi

Are you a Shaider fan? Do you miss the dazzling moves of Alexis, ang Pulis Pangkalawakan, and the repeated but failed attempts of Fuma Ley-ar to destroy him (and not to mention Shaider’s partner Annie in her, well, thought-provoking poses)?

Well, Pulpcommunity’s Tarhata offers Shaider DVDs for the hardcore fans of the series (like me). She says she has the complete Shaider collection (a six-CD set) for P450.

If you want to order or have questions, email her at Aside from Shaider, Tarhata also sells films ranging from various genres and movements around the world, such as classics, indies, expressionism, neo-realism, and film noir, among others.

As for me, I’ll order Shaider first before I get my copy of Citizen Kane and The Bicycle Thief from her. Hmmm. Better yet, ask Tarhata if she also has Bioman and Maskman DVDs. That would really make my day.

By the way, for those who still do not know, Hiroshi Tsuburaya, the actor who played Alexis in Shaider, died on July 24, 2001 due to liver cancer. He was 37.

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