Saturday, August 27, 2005

And that's the way the ball falls into the side pocket

For some time now, one of my favorite hobbies has been playing billiards. Sure, I may not be a great player, compared with my cousins Rjhay or Philip (whom I am also urging to blog) or in-laws Fernan or Vijay. I am even the first one who'll admit to that. Still, I love it, especially when the gang's present, taking turns in playing at Charcoal.

Usually we play nine-ball, although sometimes we do eight-ball or "killers." If you're in Charcoal, playing billiards is the best way to let time pass by without getting bored, especially if the place is ultra-packed, and you can't find a table for you to sit, drink, and relax for a while.


Bjornar Kjensli said...

enjoyed your blog
check out mine on
i've never been in the philipines, though, but I am a journalism graduate and studied for it in Malaysia for a while. The freedom of the press is poor. It is a shame.

bryant said...

hi bjornar kjensli. saw ur blog and enjoyed it likewise. yes, i know the press situation in Malaysia, and it's quite depressing. i met two Malaysian colleagues in a conference in thailand, and told us how the press there was controlled. too bad.

hope to see more of ur comments soon.

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